JusRol sweet vegan treats taste test!!

As Jus Rol have got such a great selection of vegan goodies I thought we would work our way through them. I have tried the pastry many times, but more recently they have added sweet goodies for us to bake at home as well as pizza bases. So first up is the Apple Danish.

As soon as you open the packet it smells delicious. I can't believe how uncooked pastry can smell so good! The apple sauce comes in a little pot and the pastry come in a cardboard tube that you twist to open. So once twisted and dropped out, you unfold and cut down the perforations, fold over the corners pressing down with a fork and top with the apple sauce. Only takes a matter of a few minutes, the oven won't of even got to temperature! Bake and eat!

All I can say is yum yum! I ate three in a row, gave one away and eat the other two over the next two days which was hard as I could of easily eaten them all. Next time I am only going to bake half of the pack and half the next day. 
They are found in the fridge in supermarkets next to the pastry and other Jus Rol goodies. I also bought the cinnamon swirls and the pain au chocolat.

This is there range. I think all but the butter pastry is vegan, but do read the labels incase they have bought something out that is not vegan.

The cinnamon swirls and the pain au chocolat are just as yummy and simple to put together and bake.


  1. On the cinnamon swirls, I had some doubts, as to lactic acid, the flavouring is not declared, and the fatty acids could contain animal ingredients - any way to be sure?

    1. JusRol have confirmed they are vegan. Quite a few of there range is.