2 ingredient pancake!

Happy Pancake Day!
I discovered via someone on facebook (thanks a lot Rebecca!) that you can make vegan pancakes with just flour and 'milk'. So I thought I'd give it a go. She didn't say what sort of flour, so rather than wait until later to find out, I chose to use plain and I used sweetened soya milk as my milk of choice.

Basically 200g flour to 500ml of 'milk'

So I mixed it up and fried in hot oil (does that count as 3 ingredients!)

Very tasty. I simply served with lemon and fruit sugar.

So from basic store cupboard ingredients you can easily make a tasty treat. No fancy egg replacers etc. I don't see any reason why you couldn't add raisins, cinnamon etc or even add cocoa and serve with chocolate sauce or drops and chopped nuts for a super treat! Yummy tasty food and no cholesterol!
This does make quite a lot, so I am thinking I will add some herbs and spices to the rest and fry up and serve with ratatouille. Will let you know if it goes well.

P. S. I have now found out she uses SR flour, so will try this next time to see if it makes any difference.

Follow up for savoury version


  1. I only buy free range eggs, but even then worry that this is just a marketing ploy, so I was delighted to find your blog and recipe. Thanks!

  2. I've always made them this way - just s/r flour and soy milk - quite thin batter and just grease the pan then pour the batter on and swirl round to make a thin crepe-like pancake. This we roll up with lemon and sugar or put some pieces of dark chocolate on the inside before rolling up - mmmmmmmm