Party foods from supermarkets

Due to a great question from one of our followers on party foods available in Morrisons here is a list to the supermarket vegan lists and a list of a few of the foods suitable for a savoury buffet spread. I have only scanned the lists and listed a few of the items on the list. Please note this guide is for reference only and has been put together in a hurry. Ingredients do change frequently, so please use your best judgement. Although the products listed are vegan, they may contain ingredients that some vegans avoid such as palm oil or from supermarkets you don't shop at. Hope this helps some and please send your suggestions in for further foods to add.

Aldi vegan list. can be found from this page. Many of their products are vegan labelled too and lots of other foods that are vegan, but not labelled so due to 'may contain' issues. They even have a frozen burger range with three different burgers, see burger article for pictures. They also have seasonal chocolate and year round chocolate thins that are nice for a party.

mini pot stack

Also full size pots

2014, not sure if there is any in 2015

They no longer do a vegan list, but they do sell many savoury items including quite a few frozen vegan items and also include a frozen party pack. As all supermarkets they have a good selection of houmous.
All white Unseeded bread baked in store at Asda is vegan, also tiger breads, if ever unsure they have an updated book in the back of the bakery, just ask to see it,
This includes all the white bread baps & rolls, baguettes, crusty rolls too, NOT wholemeal or granary though.
Example shown and they clearly say vegan too!




Even says perfect for parties!

Mixed pakoras and bhajis
Ideal for making 'sausage rolls'
 Asda ready rolled pizza base

Some Asda's also sell Great Food products.

GF Foods sold in some Asda's

They also sell loads of vegan prepared salads, ideal for a buffet.
See vegan take out article for more picture.

I think this cereal might also be a nice alternative to popcorn or crisps at a party


FARMFOODS - Indian party pack

Party packs are available from November for Christmas time.

Holland and Barrett sell a lot of vbite savoury products that are ideal for parties and different cheeses so you could do the old classic of cheese and pineapple or similar on cocktail sticks!!



The delicatessen section has lots of good bits for a party, houmous, olives, oriental food selection, bhajis, dips. They also have lots of great salads if you wanted a salad bar style buffet. There is also bread sticks, pretzel sticks, crisps, bread etc. for dipping. Soft drinks and booze too! Frozen vegetable spring rolls. Under global meals section they have bhajis, two types of  dim sum, samosas, vegetable balls, indian starter selection pack, mini onion bhajis and veg pakoras and rice pancake vegetable spring rolls. They also sell things like pickled onions.  They also have puff and short crust pastry for making party food and things like nuts and chocolate. Check list for other ideas.

There are two fafafel salads. One has feta cheese, so beware. I am told this one looks vegan, haven't seen it myself and its too new to be on their vegan list.

They also label their booze if its vegan.

Don't have a vegan list. They sell a large selection of olives and a large selection of houmous. They sell Linda Mccartney sausage rolls and also sell pastry for making your own 'sausage' rolls. I have found 3 types of vegan garlic bread in the freezer. Other things I've spotted are:

 Pastry to make your own 'sausage rolls'

 Not a Morrisons brand, but Great Food products and Cauldron falafels are found in selected Morrisons.


Oriental spring roll selection. They have a fresh party food, canapes and olives section. Dips,houmous, breadsticks, crisps, pickles etc. 20 meat free sausage rolls pack in the freezer. They also have frozen falafel. No booze on there list.

They have lots of different houmous's including the basic one.

Pizza base with a bit of tomato paste on idea for making your own pizza,
especially if your having a pizza party.

Pastry to make your own 'sausage' rolls etc

For the latest vegan list see this post They have released some new vegan foods including spinach and chickpea falafels and vegetable sausages that are idea for parties.

They have spring rolls, samosas, wontons, pakoras and bhajis. Crackers, crisp, tortilla chips, popcorn, nuts, oatcakes and bread. Olives, houmous etc. Soft drinks and booze! Check list for other ideas.

Tesco Spinach and chickpea falafels and Discover onion bhajis sold in some stores.


This chapati roll is sold in selected Tesco stores.

McKechnie brand, sold in Tesco (possibly Scotland only)

This is there vegan list.

Sold in Waitrose


Booths -  varies from store to store, not covered in this guide

Costco - not a member and not a supermarket, but thought it was worth mentioning as they sell these and some Morrisons sell this brand too,

Spar - varies from store to store. Some stores sell vegan foods in the fridge such as sandwiches/wraps/burritos.

Other ideas.

Jus Rol have vegan shortcrust and puff pastry so its easy to make vegan sausage rolls and pizza bases too. Jus Rol also do vegan apple danish, pain de chocolat and danish swirls. Just look in the fridge section in the pastry section. Most supermarkets sell some of the range.

I hope to put together an article on homemade party foods soon.

Take and Grab and Go article is also useful for quick picnic ideas.

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  1. Thank you - your lists are a godsend, my partner is a relatively new (last 6 months) vegan and since I am the cook the whole family is now eating that way at home pretty much all of the time and it is so helpful to know of ready prepared things so that I don't have to spend hours preparing 'proper' meals every single day. So, many thanks, again, Bev :-)

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