Savoury pancake

Following on from the 2 ingredient pancake recipe yesterday I used the left over batter that I saved to make a savoury version. I added some dried mixed herbs, dried chives, dried mint and dried turmeric. Didn't measure the quantities, just added what looked right without it looking too much if you know what I mean.

I wanted to try this frozen ratatouille that you stir fry. I have only had ratatouille out of a can before. It funny I don't like aubergine or green pepper, but I like this. So because of this I am unlikely to ever make it from scratch, so wanted to try it.

So I fried the pancakes in very hot oil and flipped over just at the end as the top was almost all cooked too. Put them aside and cooked the ratatoille. My mum was having hers as is and I added a bit of tomato pasta sauce to mine. The pancake was very yummy and much improved for leaving overnight in the fridge.

I think this frugal pancake will now become a regular addition to our household meals served both sweet and savoury.

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