2nd recipe test from The Vegan Baker book.

Just got The Vegan Baker out of the library this week after ordering it in November. First I made a two part list of what I wanted to try, one was the recipes I already had the ingredients for and the other for the recipes I needed to buy some ingredients for. I made the lamington recipe the other day which was very yummy and I would make again. Second recipe I tried yesterday was for biscotti. The recipe was for Pistachio and fennel. But as I didn't have enough pistachio it became pistachio, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed and fennel
biscotti. The recipe is easy to do, just very time consuming as you have to wait for the first bake to cool, before slicing and then bake again.

First bake just out of the oven. 

After waiting for the first bake to cool, you slice them and rebake. This is them just going back in. If you dont wait for them to cool thoroughly they crumble. Its hard to resist just trying to slice and I made this mistake, but eventually waited and the rest sliced OK. 

Worth waiting for and enjoyed with a hot chocolate!

Would definitely make again.

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