A girl called jack book review and Peach and Chickpea curry

Having been a fan of Jack Monroes blog I thought i'd have a look at her book. Its not a vegan cookbook, but many of the recipes are.  The first recipe I tried today was the Peach and Chickpea Curry. We both like it and there is now leftovers for tomorrow which is good. To save time I didn't cook for 30 minutes so mine is more like a stew than a curry, but I could of added less liquid or cooked it for longer. I should of cooked some rice to go with it and will do next time. Very delicious and a recipe I would do again. I am sure the recipe will be on her blog or guardian articles. The book has many recipes I plan to try including a few savoury breads. So far so good. Next recipe to follow soon. 


  1. I bought this book too and have thoroughly enjoyed all the recipes I gave tried so far. Yet to try this one, but that could be remedied by this evening! X

  2. Following my comment earlier - I made this for dinner and loved it. Had two portions with brown rice and there is still a portion to freeze. Thanks for the prompt x