First recipe test from The Vegan Baker

Just got The Vegan Baker out of the library this week after ordering it in November. Now where to start as there is so many nice looking recipes. First I made a two part list of what I wanted to try, one was the recipes I already had the ingredients for and the other for the recipes I needed to buy some ingredients for. 

First up was Lamingtons. Now I have never heard of these before, but they looked tasty and I had all the ingredients and I so love coconut!

So first you make the cake. The recipe made enough for two cakes. So I have frozen one for another day, as I didn't need that many lamingtons. I substitued the rice syrup for butterscotch syrup, which is butterscotch flavoured golden syrup. This is the cakes cooling.
 Than you make a chocolate sauce for dipping. This is chocolate, margarine, sugar and soya milk. I used orange chocolate as that is what I had. You make the sauce, dip the cake which you have cut into squares into it and let it soak up the sauce. Then roll in desiccated coconut. Done! Yum!

 Fininshed results
The book suggested if you have leftover sauce to serve with them which is what we did and we have some left to serve with the rest. So first cake from book. Very easy and although a little time consuming, very tasty. There did seem to be a lot of ingredients as you use plain flour, oat flour and ground almonds amongst other things, but I would make them again. So a definate recommendation for this recipe.

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