The Vegan Baker - still testing recipes

I am still testing recipes from the vegan baker. I  made oat bars at the weekend and rich tea bread today.
The oat bars are like a flapjack with a layer of fruit spread in the middle. They tasted good, but there wasn't enough fruit spread in mine to show the filling once sliced, so I would definitely double the fruit spread if I made them again.

Today I made the rich tea bread. Now this can vary in taste depending on what fruit and nut combination you use and what tea you use. I used hibicus today as that was the only herb tea I had and although I don't like the tea, I thought why not, as i haven't got licorice which was one of the suggestions and I wanted to make it today. I am not a fan of any tea, but wanted to make this for my mum and she really liked it and i thought it was ok. 

Next up has got to be the chocolate cake on the front cover. It actually uses agar and I don't have any, but I have loads of greens jellies that I got for 5p so I thought I would try that instead. It may not firm up, but frosting isn't usually this firm anyway and I'm confident it will still taste good.

Previous recipes from the book i've tried are biscotti and lamingtons which I just love on both accounts and brownies were ok.

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