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They do a donut in the bakery section the round one with jam, non of the ring donuts are vegan. Most of there bread is vegan. There bakery list is here. (June 2014). There pink iced ring donuts are vegan see this post for info.

Christmas Lines - The Favorina range comes out in October each year with Christmas lines.

I know there is lots of biscuits and  a few chocolate bars in flavours such as orange, cranberry and ginger as well as plain ones and there is a apple strudel in the freezer. A selection of the chocolate bars are shown here, the chocolate article is kept more up to date.

They also sell these two palmiers (sweet puff pastry shaped discs) which the supplier says contains traces of milk in the flavourings. They do say may contain milk, so no good for a allergy sufferer. Wonder what delights could be made with these.

 Mortons tarts. Pineapple only. Raspberry ones won't be vegetarian or vegan from January 2015. 
Sold in Scotland only.

Lidl now have a deluxe range and have quite a few suitable for vegan products. Including sorbets, assorted stuffed dates (marzipan, pistachio and walnut), almond turron, barbecued almonds, pineapple juice in a bottle (not from concentrate) and strawberry jam! There is also savoury things in the range. This range seems to change often.

Coconut ice, clearly labelled vegan.

Nice to see the sorbets labelled vegan!

Amongst the cake mixes is a mix for cherry profiteroles. As the ingredients say to add eggs, not sure if they would work with egg replacer or not. Will update if I find out. Haven't checked out the other cake mixes, but there maybe some vegan friendly ones, most shops have some and then just add egg replacer.

Chocolate halva and jelly cubes labelled vegan.


Crumpets you might not think of as a sweet treat, but I love them toasted with jam!

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