Wetherspoons vegan menu

Aug 16 - see new updated article on our new site: http://www.veganwomble.co.uk/wordpress/wetherspoon/


There is now a pdf on Wetherspoons website showing vegan options including some changes to the meals to make them vegan!
Sometimes you just have to think outside the box to expand the vegan choices available. This has been put together by a vegan working for wetherspoons that has read all the labels. 

Okay, here's what vegans can order at Wetherspoons. You have to make some special requests for most of it but the staff really don't mind.. unless you're a table of 30 
Most items will contain traces or milk or egg, as most foods do.

Beans on toast
Fruit Salad – no yoghurt
Toast and marmalade
Vegetarian breakfast – substitute the egg and quorn sausage for more beans, hashbrown, toast, mushroom* or tomato.
Sausage roll – substitute sausage for a hashbrown, and ask for a mushroom* on it too. Delicious! Specify no butter on the roll.

Italian tomato and basil soup with bread
Jacket potato with beans - ask for vinaigrette instead of dressing
Chicken breast wrap – mushroom* instead of chicken
Ham panini/toastie – ask for tomato, lettuce and mushroom instead of the ham and cheese and make a little MLT! If your going to have any sandwich/toastie/wrap, you can now add sauteed onions to it.
Nachos – no cheese or sour cream, extra guac/salsa
Freedom Salad
Bowl of chips
Side salad – vinaigrette instead of dressing

Sweet potato curry – substitute the naan bread for extra popadom.
Mini corn on the cob which is vegan if cooked without butter added.
Pomodoro sauce without the pasta - ask for jacket potato or chips instead.

Curry club (Thursday):
Sweet potato curry – substitute the naan bread for extra popadom. The large option includes onion bhaji and samosa which are both vegan. Comes with mango chutney.

Mexican Mondays - includes a free drink
Tortilla chips and salsa side order
Burrito without cheese or sour cream (Burrito mix is vegan its just beans, peppers and rice). You can add mushrooms* and nachos instead. Salsa and guacamole is vegan.
There is also a naked burrito, but its just mexican rice on lettuce with guacamole.
Nachos with a topping, ask for burrito mix instead of meat and no cheese or sour cream, extra guac/salsa

Apple crumble – plain, or you can substitute custard for strawberry and blueberry sauce or chocolate sauce if you wish. Or you could ask for a chopped up banana instead. 
Someone has mentioned that the apple crumble contains milk, this is a list of the ingredients, not even a milk allergen warning. Says suitable for vegetarians and no milk or egg allergy warning either. 

*Remember to ask for the mushroom to be cooked without butter
Chips and hash browns are to be eaten at your own discretion, as some pubs cook meat in the vegetable fryer. The oil from both fryers are filtered together anyway, even if they do cook separately. 
The rice has also been changed - there is now mexican rice and basmati rice.

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  1. Fab list, thank you.

  2. Awesome! Thanks :)

  3. Apparently the Hash Browns and in fact none of the breakfast items come up when filtering Wetherspoon's product list to Dairy Free and Vegan?


    1. They don't list things that say may contain traces of dairy or eggs. There vegan list is basically a allergen list, that is why this was put together by a vegan employee after spending all her break time reading labels to give people more choice. New menu due out in January and will then do a update.

  4. Thank you so much for this! I recently visited a newly opened local wetherspoons. I asked for a particular pasta dish with extra rocket instead of chicken and cheese as it listed. I was told I couldn't amend dishes as there was no facility on the till to show what I had asked for, therefore I would have to have the dish as stated on the menu!

  5. I was also told that they 'could ask' about substitutions but wasn't promised anything! I basically had to risk it. not impressed.

  6. Just had burrito without sour cream or cheese, wasnt a problem at all. Food came as ordered, happy vegan cheap and cheerful. Although I wonder about milk powder on the nacho flavouring though...?

    1. The post was done by a employee that read all the labels, and no allergen highlighted for flavourings.

  7. Hi do you know if the three bean chilli that you can add to the burrito would also be vegan. I'd imagine it's just beans, tomato, peppers, chilli's, onion, coriander.

    1. I only know the info that was given to me by a vegan employee. I am currently looking for a new employee to help rewrite the blog post. Just found out they have a printed vegan menu now and there is a link to it on the wetherspoons site. The picture I have is unclear, but it does give some variations which is good.

    2. I can tell you that the 5 bean chilli contains Quorn mince, so isn't suitable for Vegans.

    3. According to the wetherspoons menu it is now vegan.

  8. Here's a link to the Vegan menu pdf https://www.jdwetherspoon.com/~/media/files/pdf-documents/menus/vegan-menu.pdf

  9. The pasta is egg free so it's vegan ( I work in the kitchen for Wetherspoons)

  10. Has no-one noticed the alcoholic drinks list? Many alcoholic beverages are processed using animal products such as isinglass, egg whites, or gelatin. Unfortunately these ingredients are never listed on the labels, since alcohol is commonly exempt from the labeling requirements of other food products.