Vegan fried egg using tofu and The Vegg

I was very kindly sent a packet of The Vegg mixture to try and a copy of the cookbook. Currently only really available online, but hopefully will be available in health food stores soon. I like it so far, but did find the recipe book had a few complicated recipes including a friend egg that sounded like a science experiment using odd ingredients which I would have no idea where to buy. So I went for the easy option. I opened a pack of firm silken tofu and sliced it thin, shaping it a little to round the corners a bit to give it a bit more of a fried egg shape. This didn't use the whole pack and the rest will be whizzed up with cocoa and sweetener to make a chocolate pudding! So this was fried with a sprinkle of black salt and pepper on both sides to give it even more of a egg taste. Black salt smells like eggs due to the sulphur smell. This wasn't essential, but seen others had done it and I had the black salt anyway. I make up The Vegg yolk which you just whizz up with water in a blender for 15 seconds, very simple. Once the tofu white was fried on both sides I microwaved the yolk to warm and toasted some toast to serve it on. Once the toast was 'buttered' with margarine I added the tofu white and then poured the yolk over it. Very tasty and filling and something I would do again. A lot of the recipe in the book I would not use, but I am very impressed by this recipe and the scrambled tofu recipe that i used The Vegg for the other day and even if these were the only two recipes I used it for, it would still be worth buying.

I am giving a copy of The Vegg and The Vegg cookbook away during February, see this post for details.
Open to UK only residents this time and closes at the end of February.

Fruity Friday!

As its fruity Friday I decided on a smoothie again as I'm in the process of running down the freezer for defrosting and have mixed berries and foraged berries to use up.
So basically I whizzed up frozen mixed fruit berries, frozen foraged blackberries, a bit of foraged jam, a banana and some almond milk.
and it produced a large amount of yummy goodness!

Scrambled tofu made with Vegg

As you will know I got a free pack of Vegg to review and a cookbook. So the next recipe for me to try was scrambled tofu as a Thursday is have a different breakfast day in this household!

The recipe was basically tofu, Vegg, spring onions and seasoning. I didn't have any spring onions, but don't remember having used them when making scrambled eggs before becoming a vegan, so thought i'd just miss them out.

As per the instructions I used half a pack of tofu, but there was far to much Vegg mixture to the tofu. Now this is where I was wishing I had replaced the spring onions with something else. But anyway I decided to add the other half pack in to see if this improved it.

As you can see, so much better and really like the texture of scrambled tofu now. I served it on toast.
I was very pleased with the texture and taste of this. The Vegg really does give it a eggy taste, far more than the turmeric version I have been doing for the last 20 years!
I would recommend the Vegg for scrambled tofu.
I am giving a copy of The Vegg and The Vegg cookbook away during February, see this post for details.
Open to UK only residents this time and closes at the end of February.

Parsnip and cranberry nut roast

I had some soft parsnips to use up, some cranberries that was almost off and lots of open nuts. A quick google and the second recipe was an ideal one. So this is what I made today.

However I used vitalite margarine instead of butter and vegg instead of egg.

Sweet Potato Saturday

It's Sweet Potato Saturday, that means we are having a sweet potato meal today. I wanted to have one that involved chickpeas too as we had some left over from chickpea Tuesday!

So I did a search and found this sweet potato and chickpea curry from the site No Meat Athelete.

I didn't have any curry powder or fresh ginger, pepper or garlic, but I didn't let that put me off. I used dried spices and instead of curry powder I used turmeric, cumin, garam masala, coriander and fennel seeds. The only other change I made was to use fresh tomatoes. It was very yummy and the one thing about doing your own curry you can make it mild or spicy and I don't go in for spicy!

Fruity Friday!

Fruity Friday is about having a meal based around fruit. Today I decided on a smoothie for breakfast as I had lots of cranberries and a mixed berries pack in the freezer. So I went to my favourite smoothie site and looked to see if there was a cranberry smoothie.  This is the one I found:

I used mixed berries instead of raspberries and broccoli instead of spinach because I didn't have any and still wanted some green nutrition in there, and whats better than broccoli! I also added some calcium and vitamin fortified soya milk because as I used frozen broccoli it needed more liquid, so I though why not add some more nutrients. As you can see it turned out very pink, who would ever guess there was nutritious broccoli in there and there was no taste of it either. Very yummy!

Breakfast Thursday and vegg review

Its Breakfast Thursday!
This means we have something different to the usual oats we have every other day of the week.
I kindly got send a pack of vegg egg yolk replacer and the vegg cookbook free from the company vegg  (who are also on fb) to use and review. So here is my first review. I made the french toast using some fruit bread. I didn't quite toast it long enough for it to look like the picture in the book, but having never had french toast before wasn't really sure how to cook it. Next time I will fry for a little longer. Now because I've not had a eggy version of this I also didn't quite know how it should taste, but it tasted nice to me and I enjoyed it. A friend also tried it and her review was "The French toast with vegg is lovely!!" So overall a thumbs up and lots more recipes to try. Yah!

I am giving a copy of The Vegg and The Vegg cookbook away during February, see this post for details.
Open to UK only residents this time and closes at the end of February.

Salad Wednesday!

As its Salad Wednesday we had a carrot and apple salad on top of salad leaves with the addition of green grapes and a blog of cranberry sauce.