JusRol sweet vegan treats taste test!!

As Jus Rol have got such a great selection of vegan goodies I thought we would work our way through them. I have tried the pastry many times, but more recently they have added sweet goodies for us to bake at home as well as pizza bases. So first up is the Apple Danish.

As soon as you open the packet it smells delicious. I can't believe how uncooked pastry can smell so good! The apple sauce comes in a little pot and the pastry come in a cardboard tube that you twist to open. So once twisted and dropped out, you unfold and cut down the perforations, fold over the corners pressing down with a fork and top with the apple sauce. Only takes a matter of a few minutes, the oven won't of even got to temperature! Bake and eat!

All I can say is yum yum! I ate three in a row, gave one away and eat the other two over the next two days which was hard as I could of easily eaten them all. Next time I am only going to bake half of the pack and half the next day. 
They are found in the fridge in supermarkets next to the pastry and other Jus Rol goodies. I also bought the cinnamon swirls and the pain au chocolat.

This is there range. I think all but the butter pastry is vegan, but do read the labels incase they have bought something out that is not vegan.

The cinnamon swirls and the pain au chocolat are just as yummy and simple to put together and bake.

UK Treats - Guide Eight Asda


Now Adsa no longer produce a vegan list. I have just gone round the store and picked out things that read as been vegan, both home brands and branded.

Biscuits - the are many vegan biscuits sold in asda, both own brands and branded. These pistachio biscuits were spotted in asda. May not be all stores.


Butteries and scones (Scotland only)

Malt breads in the bread section

Sweet toasting bread in the bread section - I think they did the warburton ones as well.

Hot cross buns in the bread section
Biscuits in the bakery aisle. Gingerbread men, seems these are available in every supermarket and pound shops too. Lots of biscuits in the biscuit aisle too!
Cooking section

There was at least one cookie and cake mix. They also sold betty crocker frostings and mixes, which some are vegan. Just use a egg substitute. Also crumble mixes, pastry mixes etc


Baby Food Section - this is a small selection. Each brand does a lot of vegan snacks. They are aimed at children and are a no junk type range. I love the carrot puffs. They also do tomato ones two in stars and noughts and crosses! There is also many fruit purees in this section, ideal for a quick healthy pudding!

Free from section


 Yummy new flapjacks from granoVita! 

This is the new milky style chocolate spread.
There dark chocolate spread.
Peanut butter with dark chocolate chips

Can't remember what section I found these in! Also been spotted in poundland.

Fridge and Freezer

Plum dumplings in the polish freezer section.
Some Asda's sell the food heaven cheesecake - found in the freezer.

Lots of canned fruit of course, and many jellies including vimto ones

Cherrytree parkin is available in Lancashire Asda's

Sold in some Asda's in the cheese section!

World Food Aisle
Dr Oetker has confirmed this is vegan

Not a sweet treat, but this bakery info is worth adding in here.
All white Unseeded bread baked in store at Asda is vegan, also tiger breads, if ever unsure they have an updated book in the back of the bakery, just ask to see it, thank you Kayleigh Lewis for this information ( she works in the bakery )
This includes all the white bread baps and rolls, baguettes, crusty rolls too, NOT wholemeal or granary though.
Examples show that they are clearly vegan too!

Cherrytree bakery ginger buns sold in select stores.

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