Wetherspoons vegan menu

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There is now a pdf on Wetherspoons website showing vegan options including some changes to the meals to make them vegan!
Sometimes you just have to think outside the box to expand the vegan choices available. This has been put together by a vegan working for wetherspoons that has read all the labels. 

Okay, here's what vegans can order at Wetherspoons. You have to make some special requests for most of it but the staff really don't mind.. unless you're a table of 30 
Most items will contain traces or milk or egg, as most foods do.

Beans on toast
Fruit Salad – no yoghurt
Toast and marmalade
Vegetarian breakfast – substitute the egg and quorn sausage for more beans, hashbrown, toast, mushroom* or tomato.
Sausage roll – substitute sausage for a hashbrown, and ask for a mushroom* on it too. Delicious! Specify no butter on the roll.

Italian tomato and basil soup with bread
Jacket potato with beans - ask for vinaigrette instead of dressing
Chicken breast wrap – mushroom* instead of chicken
Ham panini/toastie – ask for tomato, lettuce and mushroom instead of the ham and cheese and make a little MLT! If your going to have any sandwich/toastie/wrap, you can now add sauteed onions to it.
Nachos – no cheese or sour cream, extra guac/salsa
Freedom Salad
Bowl of chips
Side salad – vinaigrette instead of dressing

Sweet potato curry – substitute the naan bread for extra popadom.
Mini corn on the cob which is vegan if cooked without butter added.
Pomodoro sauce without the pasta - ask for jacket potato or chips instead.

Curry club (Thursday):
Sweet potato curry – substitute the naan bread for extra popadom. The large option includes onion bhaji and samosa which are both vegan. Comes with mango chutney.

Mexican Mondays - includes a free drink
Tortilla chips and salsa side order
Burrito without cheese or sour cream (Burrito mix is vegan its just beans, peppers and rice). You can add mushrooms* and nachos instead. Salsa and guacamole is vegan.
There is also a naked burrito, but its just mexican rice on lettuce with guacamole.
Nachos with a topping, ask for burrito mix instead of meat and no cheese or sour cream, extra guac/salsa

Apple crumble – plain, or you can substitute custard for strawberry and blueberry sauce or chocolate sauce if you wish. Or you could ask for a chopped up banana instead. 
Someone has mentioned that the apple crumble contains milk, this is a list of the ingredients, not even a milk allergen warning. Says suitable for vegetarians and no milk or egg allergy warning either. 

*Remember to ask for the mushroom to be cooked without butter
Chips and hash browns are to be eaten at your own discretion, as some pubs cook meat in the vegetable fryer. The oil from both fryers are filtered together anyway, even if they do cook separately. 
The rice has also been changed - there is now mexican rice and basmati rice.

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Delicious Dessert Thickies review and free recipe

Just got a copy of this fabulous dessert smoothies kindle book and I have been given permission from the author to share two recipes with you. I shares one last week and this is the one I promised for this week!

Peppermint Brownie

Serves 2
Believe it or not this recipe has no chocolate in it, just cocoa powder and other wholesome ingredients. This will sort out all those chocolate cravings while avoiding piling on the pounds.

2 cups dairy-free milk (oat, rice, soya, almond, hemp, coconut drink or raw nut or seed milk)
4 bananas
1/4 cup of pecans
1/2 cup of raisins or dates/ date paste
1/4 cup of cocoa/ cacao or carob powder
1/2 teaspoon of peppermint extract or 20 mint leaves

1 cup loosely packed spinach or other mild greens or frozen spinach
1 filler

Blend until smooth.

See start of the section for detailed instructions on how to make a DessertTHICKIE

I used coconut butter as my filler, but there are many too choose from so you can get a variety of tastes.

This is a picture of the one I made today. Just over a glass full.

It was very yummy and I look forward to trying another!

Katherine Kyle is the inventor and author of www.greenthickies.com

Ready made meals, side dishes and snacks for vegans UK


There is always a one off time when you haven't prepared lunch in time for work for example, or you just want an easy option now and again. This is an article on ready meals you warm up, top up with water or eat cold and a few other easy options too. This article has been quickly put together in a couple of hours. Please let me know what you find that I can add to it. There is also a article on frozen convenience foods too, such as burgers and pies.
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Ainsley Harriott has tuscan tomato soup that you can microwave

Aldi now have a vegan list, see this article for the latest one.
Not sure if they do any ready meals. I think they do a pot noodle type thing, they do beans salads and other ready to eat salads and houmous, plain, caramelised onion and red pepper. Brushchetta bites. Not sure if they still do the hotpot, stew and Bolognese, I haven't seen it for a while.

Not exactly a ready meal, but with one of the above cans it would make a very quick meal.

vegan ready meals and available in some supermarkets, breakfast burger, chinese noodles, thai curry. Pictures to follow soon. All the range isn't vegan.

I have no idea and I welcome any input on what they sell. I know they do a vegetabel ravioli in tomato sauce which could make a quick meal if served on toast. Oh they do sell Glorious soups in the fridge.
This is the only bake out of the new range that is vegan, all the rest have honey!

Some Asda's sell Kirsty's meals, see Kirsty's below..

This Baxters soup sounds like it would be filling and for this price you would want it to be. 

They have pasta and rice dishes

There is several vegan dishes and clearly labelled too!

Spotted in Tesco

Found in BUDGEN

Clive's are usually known for there vegan pies, but now they have ready made pot meals too.

Spotted in Booths Supermarkets
Also via their own outlet shops.


Co-op have recently been adding some savoury vegan lines, including this spanish rice with roasted chickpeas. They also do falafels, garlic mushrooms,  patatas bravas (spicy potatoes), a heat and serve onion ring pack, olives, sweet potato dip, houmous, char-grilled artichokes and an indian snack range. They are in the fridge. Not all full meals, but you can make a ready meal with a combination of them.
Selected co-ops only, but why not ask for them.

There is also many more items in the fridge and items in the freezer too. See this article for more info

They now have pot ready meals in several flavours available via Holland and Barrett and other health food stores.

has three vegan just add water pots. See this page of there products for info. I guess this is the healthier version of a pot noodle type add water pot (most pot noodles are also vegan). Other add water pots are available including tesco and some other supermarket brands. Both health type versions and pot noodle type versions. 


Spotted in Home Bargains and Lidl

They have things like sausage rolls, 'pork' pies and pasties. See vegan take out article for pictures.

also often have indian style meals that you just heat up and microwave pasta meals etc, see KOHINOOR above. The sort of thing you could store in your locker at work just in case. They also sell tilda rice packs.

See Slimming World below - they are exclusive to Iceland

spotted in Iceland


 veg pots and noodle pots. Not sure if all are vegan.




I know do instant noodles, beef, shrimp, curry and chicken flavours. These indian and oriental snacks are lidl own brand. Not had any of these myself, so don't know what there like. Not sure if anything else if quick and easy and vegan. Let us know if you find anything. 

Not a Lidl brand, but often sold in there. Also in Home Bargains.

Health food stores only.

M and S

Ideal as a sandwich alternative! 3 foccaccia buns with toppings. 


Side dishes that would go with the vegetable curry or ratatouille to make a meal.
Had the pictures so thought I'd put them somewhere!

They also do loads of salads. The latest list is here.
Some ideas under Global Meal Solutions, Healthy Meal Solutions and Traditional Meal Solutions.


Sold in Scotland stores

Some Morrisons sell these and cauldron falafels. Other vegan Morrison products

have some packets that you eat straight from the packet or warm though, add to salad etc. Take a look at there website . Available from supermarkets.

Not actually a ready meal, but part way there, just add veg, tofu or nuts.

Canned spaghetti bolognese and curry, just pop in a dish and microwave for a quick meal. 


 Sweet potato fries are not a ready meal but would go nice with the stuffed mushroom to make more of a complete meal.

Bean casserole (on the vegan list)

They also have instant mash and ready made squash and sweet potato mash - not a meal in itself, but easy to add to one of the canned meals curry or ratatouille.

The Lebanese salad is not labelled suitable for vegetarians or vegans. It has been confirmed animal free, not labelled due to risk of cross contamination. 

Exclusive to Iceland

Spotted in Sainsburys

Sold via Ocado delivery service

Jacket potato found in spar, not an own brand.

Stagg vegetable chilli and rice (spotted in poundland). Cans of chili also sold in supermarkets

For the latest vegan list see this post

not complete meals, but two nut roasts, one is seasonal xmas 15

The City Kitchen do only one vegan ready meal and sell them in the chillers in Tesco or online tesco.

Tesco also have a health living range and quite a few of there dishes from this chiller range are vegan. 

They also do moroccan couscous and other salads, vegetable rice, herby baby potatoes, aubergine dip and loads of houmous choices. They also do soups in the fridge to warm up such as vegetable jambalaya and chargrilled vegetable.

Tesco also do three vegan sandwiches, but usually if you can find any its only one. Falafel and houmous no mayo (there is two, the vegan one says no mayo on the front), Houmous and roasted vegetables. Can't remember the third one.

Also spotted in Tesco


Seen in Holland and Barrett and Jack Fulton Freezer shop


A side dish that could easily make a ready meal with a few extras.

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