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April 2015
Here is a quick guide on the choices at Pizza Express, both on the menu and substitutions.
For full nutritional guide see.

Dough balls you can have with oil and balsamic
Polenta chips without cheese and dressing,

Pizza Pianta is completely vegan

Pizzas are made fresh, so if you want a Giardinera, ask for no mozzarella and pesto and ask for something else to replace. Superfood salad without cheese,
Penne pasta is vegan, so you can ask for a vegan custom pasta dish, ask for tomato sauce as the base and add any veg you want.
Superfood Salad - It's vegan WITHOUT the light house dressing. The vinaigrette is vegan friendly as an alternative.

Dairy Free Raspberry sorbet and a chocolate straw and mint

Dough balls with the chocolate cake fondant (it's Betty Crockers cake fondant).

All new wines except the Cava rosé are vegan
So that's:...

Chardonnay Middelvlei
Gavi di Gavi
Witt's End Shiraz
Prosecco Superior DOCG

Also for just in case, as I found out the hard way, the new potato nocciola ISN'T sfv, even without the cheese, because those little balls of fluff contain milk powder
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