Waitrose Wine, Beer & Spirit booklet has many errors.


The vegan beer list is wildly inaccurate, not checked the wine section. It lists non-vegan beers as vegan and vice-versa.
Please bear in mind that brewers and wine producers often change there method from year to year. So you need to keep up with the latest info or make sure you buy wine and beer that is labelled vegan. Some supermarkets such as Sainsburys and Co-op are good at labelling. If milk or eggs is used in the production they have to label it as a allergen now, but not all wine etc is labelled vegetarian, so don't assume it is as there are many animal products still used.

Barnivore is a good site to check for vegan suitability. All info received is dated, so you can see if its recent or not and if you get information, please think about passing it on to them to help keep this resource a good one.

The wine section hasn't been checked, but they are now labelling there wine, so I would go by the label, not the booklet. 
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