Maclean's Highland Bakery Vegan List

Scottish bakery in Forres, Morayshire with shops around that area and sold in select Tesco's and Coop's throughout the Highlands.

Vegan List
Apple Tart
Rhubarb Tart
Empire Biscuits
Pineapple Cup Cake
Raspberry Cup Cake
Mock Cream Strawberry Tart 
Viennese Rounds / Choc
Tasty Mac Bread 400g
Tasty Mac Bread 800g
GI Bread 800g
GI Bread 400g
Flat Brown Bread 800g
GI Bread Flat Top 800g
White Bread 400g
High Pan 800g
Harvester Loaf 400g
Harvester Flat Top 800g
Fruit Loaf Small
Waslte White 400g
Wastle Brown 400g
GI Wastle 400g
Baguette White Frozen
GI Rolls
White Rolls 
Premium Softies
Brown Rolls
Scone Plain Oven 
Scone Fruit Oven
Scone Plain Girdle
Scone Fruit Girdle
Potato Scone
Hot Plate Teabread Muffin
Haggis Mini Oatcakes 150g
Seaweed & Black Pepper Oatcakes 150g
Smoked Oatcakes
Olive Oil Oatcakes
Organic Seaweed & Black Pepper Oatcakes
Organic Sundried Tomato and Oregano Oatcakes
Organic Traditional Oatcakes
Olive Oil Mini Oatcakes 150g
Olive Oil Thick Oatcakes 150g

I have only managed to see these famous award winning tarts at Wimbledon time, as Co-op only have them then. Looking forward to Wimbledon again, just for these!!

I am lucky to live near a co-op that sells both the raspberry and pineapple tarts. 
They are called cupcakes, but they are not cake, not sure if this is a scottish thing, as other companies make these and call them cupcakes too, they are pastry, jam, mock cream and fondant topping.

Oven or girdle, fruit or plain, now the choice is easier as there is mixed packs. 

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