Houmous wrap are no longer vegan since the menu change in Spring 2015. Now contains yogurt!
They do have some snacks such as raw raspberry bar, dark chocolate bar and jelly sweets
The link above is to their vegan list, which is a allergy list, so there is things not listed as vegan, that are such as smoked almonds, because of the 'may contain' allergy notices. 

The information below has been kindly donated by Sophia Ellis who works at Starbucks and she will check for any 'may contain traces of' vegan foods for us that are not on the list and I will update accordingly.
Also all hot chocolates are vegan if made with soya milk, ask for no cream or honey drizzle though.
Thanks Sophia for helping put this article together, no doubt there will be a few questions for you along the way! Sophie now has a online article -
and this American one also has some good ideas.
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