Vegan Friendly Food Chains - Eat in and Take Out UK

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  1. Hi, I'm currently trying to transition into a vegan lifestyle in the UK and as a student and just wanted to let you know that countless of your blog posts have really helped me! Please keep it up!

  2. Waggamamma in stratford westfield was amazing the other day..they sent over a young gentleman who told me all the vegan dishes available and what dishes they could also make for me..adapted to vegan.some noodles are made with egg and some are not they told me everything i needed to know..all the staff were was delicious!

  3. Hi, small question: why would the oil at Burger King not be vegan friendly? Their veggie burger is confirmed to be cooked separate from the meat - it's vegetarian society approved. So what is it that needs to be asked about the oil exactly?

    1. To check the store is doing it correctly. Some stores sometimes do this wrong and cook with other products without thinking. But should be ok if all procedures have been followed.

  4. Really informative and helpful. Just on my way to a Crown pub now for the vegan option mentioned. Thanks for the info! x