Forever Living Aloe Vera Gelly

Recently I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of the aloe vera gelly from one of my followers Elsa Bradley who is a Forever Living Agent.  

I had a rash on both legs at the back of both knees. So this sample came just at the right time. I had tried holland and barrett aloe vera gel, and 2 over the counter creams and antihistamines and none of them had made any difference.  
I was getting desperate and was just about to book a doctors appointment, but thought why not give this sample a try as none of them made any difference, but one more try. 

Well I just put it on one leg so I could see if it made any difference as both legs were as bad as each other. At first it went slightly redder, but before I knew it, all the itching had gone and so I put it on the other leg the day after and a couple of days later just as I had finished my sample it had cleared.

So I can highly recommend Forever Living Aloe Vera Gelly. 
Elsa can be emailed, or contacted through her facebook page or her webpage if you are interested in purchasing any products via her. 

Please note that not all Forever Living Products are vegan. Seven of there food supplements contain bee products and seven of there cosmetic products also contain animal derived ingredients. However there is more vegan products than none vegan. They sell 18 food/dietary supplements that are vegan and 29 cosmetic products that are vegan.

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Pizza Hut Restaurant has a new menu and a new vegan base

7/10/16 update

UPDATE 6/10/15
Polly who works at a Pizza Hut restaruant (UK) has kindly provided us with the new menu change info as usual. She is so helpful.

The thin crust pizzas (now called all American thin) is NOT SUITABLE FOR VEGANS!
Low calorie pizza crust and the kids thin crust are NO LONGER VEGAN as they contain milk..

NEW Ultimate thin crust is SUITABLE FOR VEGANS.
PAN and GLUTEN FREE bases are still all VEGAN

All the veggie pizza toppings are vegan. You can swap cheese for something else for free. The wedges are also vegan. The bbq, sweet chilli, ketchup, salsa and vinaigrette are vegan too. All the fresh salad veggies, plain nachos, croutons, bacon bits are vegan. The bbq pasta and couscous on the salad bar come with a cross contamination risk from the products factory so that's personal preference.

They also now sell chips and onion rings that are suitable for vegans too.

The garlic bread doesn't contain diary, but is listed as not vegan and there is a E number in it of potential animal origin and I have been unable to find out the source of it as of yet.

Please note the Pizza Hut Delivery is a separate company with separate products. So this info is just for the restaurant.

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No need to miss out on felting!

New vegan or wool allergy hare kit.

No need to miss out on felting!

Felt Hoppy - Hull - follow link for more info

Thanks to a customer request I can now provide this little hare in kit form. He is all natural and made completely from plant extracts and felts nicely. 

I enquired about other vegan products - they are a bit limited at the moment. They are testing the water and if there is a demand there will be more. They are definitely hoping to expand the range. 

We are on facebook. We have a page and a chat room. Please feel free to join us.

Lidl - latest bakery list

Confirmed as still correct on 22nd April 2016

Vegan - vegetarian with possible traces of allergens
6622 Tiger Loaf, 400g
6640 White Bloomer, 800g
6679 Multigrain Loaf, 400g
79358 Protein Roll
92782 Pumpkin Seed Roll, 80g

26/5/15 New product, confirmed vegan. Apple and Blackberry Trellis.
Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.  
6742 French Baguette, 400g
7003 White Crusty Roll, 75g
5201297 Stoned Baked Rustic White Roll
5201750 Sandwich Baguette
7279 Scottish White Morning Roll
92707 Stonebaked Ciabatta
106061 Rye Loaf, 500g
5201554 Plain Bagel, 115g

None Vegan
1950 Italian Style Panini Roll,  - Vegetarian - dairy
1976 Cheese and Onion Roll  - Vegetarian - dairy
5851 Vanilla Crown,  - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
6138 Chocolate Twist,  -Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
6817 Maple and Pecan Plait - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
6849 Cheese Twist, - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
51816 Cheese Topped Roll,  - Vegetarian - dairy
57734 Chocolate Croissant - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
65260 Apple Turnover - Vegetarian - dairy
93240 Choc and Hazelnut Pastry - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
109880 All Butter Croissant, - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
5201082 Fruit Lattice,  - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
5201432 Pain au Chocolat,  - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
 5201481 Belgian Buns - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
5201481 Cinnamon Buns - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
5201584 Cheese and Spinach Slice - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
114739 Pink Iced Ring Doughnuts - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
78246 Chocolate Ring Doughnut - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
9538 Jam Filled Doughnut - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
85133 Blueberry Filled Muffin   - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
5300877 Low GI Multiseed Bread - Vegetarian - contains dairy
6215 Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs
6234 Double Chocolate Chip Cookie - Vegetarian - dairy and eggs

We are on facebook. We have a page and a chat room. Please feel free to join us.