Vegan Pumpkin fritters

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Vegan Sicilian Red Pesto Sauce

LALLA'S VEGAN RECIPES - Guest post link

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Neal's Yard Remedies Vegan List

Will now be updated from here on our new blog.

One of our followers Rachel Dennis has kindly provided us with a list of Neal's Yard Remedies and which are vegan.

Rachel is a Neal's Yard Organics consultant with a wide range of vegan, ethically produced cruelty free products available via her website

Vegan and Vegetarian Product List April 2015 


Good to see this includes make up brushes.

Skincare Cleansers 
0010  Calendula Cleanser, 100g VEGAN    
0089  Chamomile Cleanser, 100g N    
0070  Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Wash, 100ml VEGAN    
0073G  Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Wash, 50ml (NYR Organic) VEGAN    
0042  Orange Flower Facial Wash, 100ml VEGAN    
0043G  Orange Flower Facial Wash, 50ml (NYR Organic)VEGAN    
0014  Palmarosa Facial Wash, 100ml  N    
0013G  Palmarosa Facial Wash, 50ml (NYR Organic) N    
0022  Power Berry Facial Wash, 100ml  VEGAN    
0080  Purifying Palmarosa Facial Polish, 100g, Organic VEGAN    
0081  Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser, 100g, Organic VEGAN    
4000  Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser Sachet x 20 VEGAN    
0046  Rehydrating Rose Facial Wash, 100ml VEGAN    
0579  Soothing Starflower Cleansing Milk, 185ml, Organic VEGAN    
1024  Muslin Cloth, Organic VEGAN    
1798  Organic Facial Wipes, 25  VEGAN    

Skincare Toners 
0311  Nourishing Orange Flower Toner, 200ml VEGAN    
0084G  Nourishing Orange Flower Toner, 50ml (NYR Organic) VEGAN    
0326  Purifying Palmarosa Toner, 200ml VEGAN    
0314  Rehydrating Rose Toner, 200ml VEGAN    
0305  Rejuvenating Frankincense Toner, 200ml, Organic VEGAN    
0316  Witch Hazel Water, 100ml VEGAN    

Skincare Moisturisers 
0512  Almond Moisturiser, 50g   N    
0583  Daily Brightening, 100ml, Organic  VEGAN    
0724  Daily Moisture SPF15, 50ml  VEGAN    
0564  Frankincense Hydrating Cream, 50g, Organic  VEGAN    
4004  Frankincense Hydrating Cream, Sachet x 20 (NYR Organic)  VEGAN    
0513  Frankincense Hydrating Cream, Tube x 10, Org (NYR Organic) VEGAN    
0598  Frankincense Intense Cream, 50g, Organic  VEGAN    
2347  Frankincense Intense Concentrate, 30ml, Organic VEGAN    
2343  Frankincense Nourishing Cream, 50g NEW AND IMPROVED VEGAN    
0530  Jasmine Enriching Cream, 50g  VEGAN    
0569  Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisture, 100ml, Organic VEGAN    
0580G  Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisture, 50ml, Org (NYR Organic) VEGAN   
0561  Nourishing Orange Flower Night Cream, 50g  VEGAN   
0552  Orange Flower Facial Oil, 30ml, Organic   VEGAN   
0554  Organic Lip Formula Shea Nut & Rose, 4.5g, Organic  N   
0519  Power Berry Daily Moisture, 100ml, Fairtrade    VEGAN   
0572  Purifying Palmarosa Daily Moisture, 100ml, Organic   VEGAN   
0086G  Purifying Palmarosa Daily Moisture, 50ml, Organic (NYR Organic)VEGAN   
0570  Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture, 100ml, Organic  VEGAN   
0553G  Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture, 50ml, Organic (NYR Organic) VEGAN   
0529  Rose and Almond Night Cream, 30ml, Organic N   
0534  Rose and Mallow Moisturiser, 50g N   
2346  Rehydrating Rose Facial Oil, 50ml    VEGAN   
0577  Soothing Starflower Daily Moisture, 100ml, Organic VEGAN   
0550  Vitamin E and Avocado Night Cream, 50g VEGAN   
0538  Yarrow and Comfrey Moisturiser, 50g  N 

Skincare Treatments 
0063  Beauty Sleep Concentrate, 30ml, Organic VEGAN   
0037  Brightening Serum, 30ml, Organic VEGAN   
0035  Clarifying Mahonia Skin Gel, 10ml, Organic   VEGAN   
0560  Organic Beauty Oil, 200ml  VEGAN   
0079  Purifying Palmarosa Mattifier, 30ml, Organic VEGAN   
0567  Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Oil, 30ml, Organic  VEGAN   
0075  Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Serum, 30ml  VEGAN   
0591  Soothing Starflower Daily Essence, 30ml, Organic  VEGAN   
0568  Wild Rose Beauty Balm, 50g, Organic  N   
0590  Wild Rose Beauty Elixir, 30ml, Organic  VEGAN   
0502  Rejuvenating Frankincense Eye & Lip Serum, 10ml VEGAN   
0557  Rose Formula Hydrating Eye Cream, 10ml  N   
0535  White Tea Toning Eye Gel, 10ml   VEGAN   
0068  Palmarosa Purifying Facial Mask, 50g, Organic N   
0021  Power Berry Facial Mask, 50g, Fairtrade VEGAN   
0027  Rejuvenating Frankincense Firming Mask, 50ml VEGAN   
0066  Rose Formula Antioxidant Facial Mask, 50g, Organic N   
0055  White Tea Enriching Facial Mask Tube x10, Organic (NYR Organic) N   
0064  White Tea Enriching Facial Mask, 50g, Organic  N   
0354  Frankincense Hydrating Facial Mist, 45ml  VEGAN   
0352  White Tea Facial Mist, 45ml  VEGAN   
0052  Honey and Orange Scrub, 75g, Organic N   
0048  Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish, 100g, Organic N   
0050G  Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish, Organic (NYR Organic) N   
4002  Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish, Sachet x20 (NYR Organic) N   

Lip Gloss
1762  Lipgloss Goji Berry, 10ml, Organic  N   
1760  Lipgloss Natural, 15ml, Organic N   
1715  Lipgloss Nude, 15ml, Organic  N   
1719  Lipgloss Peach, 15ml, Organic  N   
1764  Lipgloss Plum, 15ml, Organic  N   
1811  Lipstick Blackberry, 4g, Organic  N   
1809  Lipstick Date, 4g, Organic N   
1812  Lipstick Lychee, 4g, Organic N   
1807  Lipstick Manzanita, 4g, Organic  N   
1808  Lipstick Persimmon, 4g, Organic  N   
1810  Lipstick Pomegranate, 4g, Organic  N  

Cosmetics Accessories 
9261  Blusher Brush   VEGAN 
9262  Eye Shadow Blender Brush   VEGAN 
9263  Eye Shadow Brush     VEGAN  
9260  Face and Body Brush   VEGAN 
9271  Kabuki Brush    VEGAN   
9264  Lip / Concealer Brush  VEGAN   

Fragrance: Eau De Parfum 
2500  Pure Essence No.1 with Frankincense, 50ml, Organic VEGAN   
2501  Pure Essence No.2 Rose, 50ml     VEGAN   

9161  Almond Soap, 150g, Organic  VEGAN   
2330  Bee Lovely Honey Soap, 35g N   
0109  English Lavender Hand Made Soap, 160g, Organic VEGAN   
0110  English Lavender Hand Made Soap, 35g, Organic  VEGAN   
0146  Geranium and Orange Soap, 100g, Organic VEGAN   
9162  Honey Soap, 150g, Organic N   
0149  Lavender & Tea Tree Soap, 100g, Organic VEGAN   
0132  Neem Soap Hand Made, 200g   VEGAN  
9163  Olive Oil Soap, 150g, Organic VEGAN   

Cosmetics Blush & Bronze 
1752  Blusher Clover, 6g, Organic    VEGAN   
1753  Blusher Heather, 6g, Organic   VEGAN   
1754  Blusher Peony, 6g, Organic  VEGAN   
1755  Blusher Rose, 6g, Organic   VEGAN   
1751  Mineral Bronzer Golden Bronze, 5.5g, Organic VEGAN   
1750  Mineral Bronzer Warm Bronze, 5.5g, Organic  VEGAN   

Cosmetics Eye Colour 
1731  Eyeliner Midnight, 1,25g, Organic N   
1732  Eyeliner Oak, 1.25g, Organic   N   
1733  Eyeliner Slate, 1.25g, Organic    N   
1773  Eyeshadow Barley, 2g, Organic    VEGAN   
1775  Eyeshadow Bluebell, 2g, Organic   VEGAN   
1774  Eyeshadow Cocoa, 2g, Organic    VEGAN   
1777  Eyeshadow Hibiscus, 2g, Organic   VEGAN   
1771  Eyeshadow Moss, 2g, Organic    VEGAN   
1776  Eyeshadow Oat, 2g, Organic   VEGAN   
1770  Eyeshadow Silver Birch, 2g, Organic   VEGAN   
1772  Eyeshadow Wild Plum, 2g, Organic   VEGAN   
1741  Mascara Lengthening Black, 7ml, Organic  VEGAN   
1799  Eye Makeup Remover, 100ml, Organic  VEGAN   

Cosmetics Foundation 
1785  Mineral Foundation Dark Cool, 14g, Organic   VEGAN   
1786  Mineral Foundation Dark Warm, 14g, Organic   VEGAN   
1781  Mineral Foundation Light Cool, 14g, Organic   VEGAN   
1782  Mineral Foundation Light Warm, 14g, Organic    VEGAN   
1783  Mineral Foundation Medium Cool, 14g, Organic VEGAN   
1784  Mineral Foundation Medium Warm, 14g, Organic VEGAN   

Cosmetics Lip Colour 
1761  Ligloss Fig, 15ml, Organic   N   
1713  Lipgloss Bayberry, 15ml, Organic    N   
1763  Lipgloss Damask Rose, 15ml    N   
1720  Lipgloss Damson, 15ml, Organic   N   

0967G  Aromatic Foaming Bath, 100ml (NYR Organic)  VEGAN   
0902  Aromatic Foaming Bath, 200ml VEGAN   
4909  Aromatic Foaming Bath, 950ml  VEGAN   
0906  Geranium & Orange Bath Oil, 100ml, Organic VEGAN   
0972G  Geranium & Orange Foaming Bath 100ml (NYR Organic) VEGAN   
Ginger and Vanilla Body Wash (Home Host Gift) VEGAN   
0955  Lavender Bath Salts, 500g VEGAN   
0970  Rose and Pomegranate Bath Oil, 100ml VEGAN   
0927  Seaweed and Arnica Foaming Bath, 1 Litre  N   
4905G  Seaweed and Arnica Foaming Bath, 1ooml (NYR Organic)N   
0917  Seaweed and Arnica Foaming Bath, 200ml   N   
0912  Soothing Bath Oil, 100ml, Organic  VEGAN   

Shower and Scrubs 
2329  Bee Lovely Bath & Shower Gel, 295ml  N   
2324G  English Lavender Shower Gel, 100ml (NYR Organic)  VEGAN   
0835  English Lavender Shower Gel, 200ml  VEGAN   
0986  Frankincense and Mandarin Body Polish, 150g, Organic VEGAN   
0976  Frankincense and Mandarin Shower Cream, 200ml, Organic VEGAN   
0982  Geranium and Orange Body Scrub, 200g N   
0995  Geranium and Orange Shower Gel, 1 Litre   VEGAN   
0983G  Geranium and Orange Shower Gel, 100ml (NYR Organic) VEGAN   
0980  Geranium and Orange Shower Gel, 200ml VEGAN   
0994  Rose and Geranium Body Polish, 150g, Organic  VEGAN   
0992  Rose and Geranium Shower Gel, 200ml   VEGAN   
0945  Rosemary and Elderflower Shower Gel, 200ml   N   
0952  Seaweed Salt Scrub, 200g  N   
0914  Sensual Jasmine Shower Gel, 200ml, Fairtrade N   

Body Deodorant and Powder 
0676  Lavender and Aloe Vera Deodorant, 100ml VEGAN   
0677  Lemon and Coriander Deodorant, 40ml   VEGAN   
1217  Lavender and Tea Tree Body Powder, 75g, Organic  N   

Body Foot Care 
0612  Comfrey and Mallow Foot Balm, 50g N   
0607  Pumice Foot Scrub, 75g   N   

Body Hand Care 
2300  Bee Lovely Hand Cream, 50ml N   
2328  Bee Lovely Hand Wash, 295ml   N   
0696  Citrus Hand Lotion, 200ml, Organic  VEGAN   
0674  Citrus Hand Softener, 50g, Organic N   
0184  Citrus Hand Wash, 1 Litre  VEGAN   
0181  Citrus Hand Wash, 200ml  VEGAN   
2303  Garden Mint and Bergamot Hand Cream, 50ml, Organic  N   
0693  Garden Mint and Bergamot Hand Lotion, 200ml, Organic  VEGAN   
0193  Garden Mint and Bergamot Hand Wash, 200ml, Organic  VEGAN   
2301  Geranium and Orange Hand Cream, 50ml, Organic  N   
0685  Geranium and Orange Hand Lotion, 200ml, Organic  VEGAN   
0185  Geranium and Orange Hand Wash, 200ml, Organic N   
0640  Melissa Hand Cream, 30ml, Organic N   
0637  Nourishing Melissa Hand Polish, 100g, Organic VEGAN   
0631  Nourishing Melissa Nail Balm, 10ml VEGAN   
2302  Wild Rose Hand Cream, 50ml  N   
2304  Hand Cream Collection  N   

Body Moisturisers 
0747  Aromatic Body Butter, 200g      N   
0088  Beauty Sleep Body Butter, 200g  VEGAN   
2326  Bee Lovely Balm, 15g         N   
2327  Bee Lovely Body Lotion, 295ml        N   
0643  Calendula and Oat Lotion, 100ml, Organic       N   
0644  Calendula and Oat Lotion, 200ml, Organic       N   
2310  English Lavender Body Lotion, 200ml       VEGAN   
0679  Firming Body Cream, 150ml, Organic       VEGAN   
0678  Frankincense and Mandarin Body Lotion, 185ml, Organic (NYR Organic)EGAN   
0670  Frankincense and Mandarin Body Lotion, 200ml, OrganicVEGAN   
0654  Frankincense Toning Body Cream, 150g, Organic     VEGAN   
0746  Garden Mint and Bergamot Body Butter (NYR Organic)     N   
0656  Geranium and Orange Body Balm, 200g, Organic      N   
0659  Geranium and Orange Body Lotion, 200ml, Organic     N   
0681G  Geranium and Orange Body Lotion, 100ml, Organic (NYR Organic) N
2340  Ginger and Vanilla Body Lotion, 185ml (NYR Organic)     N   
0672  Rose and Geranium Body Lotion, 200ml, Organic      N   
0675G  Rose and Geranium Body Lotion, 50ml, Organic (NYR Organic)N   
0652  Rose Body Cream, 150g         N   
0673  Sensual Jasmine Body Cream, 150g, Fairtrade      N   
0667  Wild Rose Body Elixir, 150ml, Organic       N   

Sun Care 
0721  Citronella Formula, 100ml   VEGAN   
0750  Organic Chamomile & Aloe Vera After Sun Spray, 50ml   VEGAN   
0751  Chamomile & Aloe Vera After Sun Lotion, 200ml   VEGAN   
0752  Chamomile & Aloe Vera SPF 15 Lotion, 150ml    VEGAN   
0753  Chamomile & Aloe Vera SPF 15 Lotion, 50ml    VEGAN   
0754  Chamomile & Aloe Vera SPF 25 Lotion, 150ml    VEGAN   
0755  Chamomile & Aloe Vera SPF 25 Lotion, 50ml     VEGAN   

Body Care Accessories 
1016  Ayate Cloth         VEGAN 
1001  Back Brush         VEGAN  
7416  Bag Canvas, Organic       VEGAN   
1002  Body Brush plant fibre       VEGAN   
1019  Bug Buster Comb       VEGAN 
1020  Flannel Cotton Organic        VEGAN 
1010  Massage Mitt         VEGAN 
1006  Nail Brush         VEGAN 
1009  Pumice Stone        VEGAN 

Hair Care    
0830  Invigorating Seaweed Shampoo, 200ml       VEGAN   
0832  Nourishing Lavender Shampoo, 200ml, Organic      VEGAN   
0829  Nurturing Rose Shampoo, 1 Litre       N   
0828  Nurturing Rose Shampoo, 200ml       N   
0820  Rejuvenating Geranium Shampoo, 200ml      VEGAN   
0827  Revitalising Orange Flower Shampoo, 1 Litre      N   
0826  Revitalising Orange Flower Shampoo, 200ml      N   
0870  Invigorating Seaweed Conditioner, 200ml      N   
0872  Nourishing Lavender Conditioner, 200ml, Organic     VEGAN   
0868  Nurturing Rose Conditioner, 200ml       VEGAN   
0859  Nurturing Rose Conditioner, 950ml       VEGAN   
0860  Rejuvenating Geranium Conditioner, 200ml      N   
0866  Revitalising Orange Flower Conditioner, 200ml      VEGAN   
0877  Revitalising Orange Flower Conditioner, 950ml      VEGAN   
0898  Rosemary & Cedarwood Hair Treatment, 50g, OrganicVEGAN   

NYR Men 
0420  NYR MEN Purifying Facial Wash, 100ml       VEGAN   
0437G  NYR MEN Purifying Facial Wash, 50ml (NYR Organic)  VEGAN   
0444  NYR MEN Revitalising Face Scrub, 100g       N   
0443  NYR MEN Rejuvenating Moisturiser, 50g      VEGAN   
0431  Cologne, 50ml          VEGAN   
0439  Calming After Shave Balm, 100ml       VEGAN   
0423  Close Shave Cream, 140ml        VEGAN   
0424G  Close Shave Cream, 50ml (NYR Organic)    VEGAN   
0422  Close Shave Oil, 10ml         VEGAN   
0426  Close Shave Soap, 50g boxed        VEGAN   
0425  Close Shave Soap, 50g Refill        VEGAN   
0432  Invigorating Body Wash, 200ml        VEGAN   

Mother & Baby 
1614  Baby Soap, 100g, Organic        VEGAN   
1608  Baby Bath & Shampoo, 1 Litre        N   
1640  Baby Bath & Shampoo, 200ml        N     
1626  Baby Balm, 50g, Organic        N   
4014  Baby Balm, Sachet x 20 (NYR Organic)       N   
1627  Baby Lotion, 200ml, Organic        N   
1609  Baby Massage Oil, 50ml, Organic       VEGAN   
1616  Pure Baby Oil, 50ml, Organic        VEGAN   
1604  Baby Barrier, 225g         N   
1215  Baby Powder, 75g, Organic        N   
1618  Mothers Balm, 120g, Organic        N   
4013  Mothers Balm, Sachet x 20 (NYR Organic)      N   
1620  Mothers Bath Oil, 100ml, Organic       VEGAN   
1624  Mothers Massage Oil, 100ml, Organic       VEGAN   
1623G  Mothers Massage Oil, 50ml, Organic (NYR Organic) VEGAN   
7263  Baby Gift Box          N   
7264  Mother & Baby GIFT         N   
7262  Mother GIFT          N   

2332  Bee Lovely Head to Toe Gift        N   
8443  Beauty Sleep Organic Spa Collection       N   
8444  Intense Frankincense Organic Facial Collection      VEGAN   
8442  Rejuvenate Frankincense Organic Facial Collection     VEGAN   
8435  Unwind Herbal Organic Bathing Collection      N   
8436  Balance Rose & Geranium Organic Body Collection     N   
8437  Revive Frankincense & Mandarin Organic Body Collection EGAN   
8441  Indulge Rose Organic Spa Collection       N   
8440  Nourish Citrus Organic Hand Collection       N   
8439  Refresh Geranium & Orange Organic Body Collection     N   
8438  Relax English Lavender Organic Bathing Collection     VEGAN   

Aromatherapy Carrier Oils 
1520  Almond Oil, 100ml, Organic        VEGAN   
1536  Apricot Kernel Oil, 100ml, Organic       VEGAN   
1544  Argan Oil, Organic, 50ml        VEGAN   
1506  Avocado Oil, 50ml, Organic        VEGAN   
1513  Base Massage Oil, 100ml, Organic       VEGAN   
8290  Evening Primrose Oil, 30ml, Organic       VEGAN   
1516  Grapeseed Oil, 100ml         VEGAN  
1533  Jojoba Oil, 100ml, Organic        VEGAN 
1538  Neem Oil, 50ml, Organic        VEGAN
1531  Rosehip Seed Oil, 50ml, Organic       VEGAN 
1525  Wheatgerm Oil, 100ml         VEGAN  

Aromatherapy Create & Professional 
8291  Aloe Vera Juice, 100ml         VEGAN   
7008  Benzoin Tincture, 10ml         VEGAN 
7010  Cocoa Butter, 100g, Organic        VEGAN  
7063  Coconut Oil, 100g, Organic        VEGAN   
7094  Create Bath Oil, 250ml, Organic        VEGAN   
7095  Create Face & Body Lotion, 250ml, Organic      N   
7097  Create Hair & Body Wash, 250ml       VEGAN   
7075  Create Massage Oil, 250ml, Organic       VEGAN   
7096  Create Ointment, 200g, Organic       N   
7013  Glycerin, 100ml         VEGAN 
5101  Professional Face & Body Lotion, 500ml, Organic     N   
5100  Professional Massage Oil, 500ml, Organic      VEGAN   
7019  Propolis Tincture, 30ml, Organic       N   

Aromatherapy Blends 
2710  Aromatherapy Blend Calming, 10ml, Organic      VEGAN  
2708  Aromatherapy Blend Cleanse, 10ml       VEGAN   
2713  Aromatherapy Blend Destress, 10ml, Organic      VEGAN   
2709  Aromatherapy Blend Focus, 10ml, Organic      VEGAN   
2711  Aromatherapy Blend Night Time, 10ml       VEGAN   
2712  Aromatherapy Blend Optimism, 10ml       VEGAN  
2714  Aromatherapy Blend Vitality, 10ml       VEGAN 
2715  Aromatherapy Blend Women's Balance, 10ml      VEGAN  

Aromatherapy Essential Oils 
2209  Basil EO, 10ml, Organic         VEGAN  
2226  Bay EO, 10ml, Organic         VEGAN   
2161  Bergamot EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2201  Black Pepper EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2211  Cardamon EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2179  Cedarwood EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2227  Chamomile Blue EO, 10ml, Organic       VEGAN   
2236  Chamomile Roman EO, 10ml        VEGAN   
2202  Cinnamon EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2207  Citronella EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2229  Clary Sage EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2213  Clove EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2162  Coriander EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2163  Cypress EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2200  Eucalyptus Citriodora EO, 10ml, Organic      VEGAN   
2180  Eucalyptus Globulus EO, 10ml, Organic       VEGAN   
2198  Eucalyptus Radiata EO, 10ml, Organic       VEGAN   
2203  Fennel EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2215  Frankincense EO, 10ml         VEGAN   
2164  Geranium EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2204  Ginger EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2165  Grapefruit EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2178  Ho Leaf EO, 10ml         VEGAN   
2008  Immortelle EO, 5ml         VEGAN   
2166  Jasmine Absolute, 2.5ml        VEGAN   
2230  Juniper EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2186  Lavandin EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2231  Lavender English EO, 10ml, Organic       VEGAN   
2032  Lavender EO, 10ml         VEGAN   
2032  Lavender EO, 10ml         VEGAN   
2182  Lavender EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2183  Lemon EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2199  Lemongrass EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2167  Lime EO, 10ml, Organic         VEGAN   
2205  Litsea EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2168  Mandarin EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2218  Marjoram Spanish EO, 10ml, Organic       VEGAN   
2181  Marjoram Sweet EO, 10ml, Organic       VEGAN   
2169  Melissa EO, 2.5ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2037  Myrrh EO, 10ml         VEGAN   
2170  Neroli EO, 2.5ml         VEGAN   
2143  Niaouli EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2171  Orange EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2206  Palmarosa EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2135  Patchouli EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2172  Peppermint, English Mitcham EO, 10ml       VEGAN   
2173  Petitgrain EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2174  Pine EO, 10ml, Organic         VEGAN   
2221  Ravensara EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2175  Rose Absolute, 2.5ml         VEGAN   
2184  Rose Otto EO, 2.5ml         VEGAN   
2176  Rosemary EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2223  Sage Spanish EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2177  Tea Tree EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2224  Thyme linalol EO, 10ml, Organic       VEGAN   
2155  Vetiver EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   
2235  Yarrow English EO, 10ml,        VEGAN   
2185  Ylang Ylang EO, 10ml, Organic        VEGAN   

Aromatherapy Macerated Oils 
1541  Arnica Macerated Oil, 100ml, Organic       VEGAN   
1540  Calendula Macerated oil, 100ml, Organic      VEGAN   
1543  Comfrey Macerated Oil, 100ml, Organic      VEGAN   
1542  St John's Wort Macerated Oil, 100ml, Organic      VEGAN   

Aromatherapy Massage Oils 
1301  Aromatic Massage Oil, 100ml, Organic       VEGAN   
1401  Detox Toning Oil, 100ml, Organic       VEGAN   
1307  Geranium & Orange Massage Oil, 100ml, Organic VEGAN   
1402  Ginger & Juniper Warming Oil, 100ml, Organic      VEGAN   
1309  Sensual Jasmine Body Oil, 100ml, Fairtrade      VEGAN   
1312  Soothing Massage Oil, Organic        VEGAN   

Aromatherapy Other 
9013  Night Light single         N   
7108  Ready To Roll          VEGAN   
2721  Remedies to Roll Energy, 9ml, Organic       VEGAN   
2726  Remedies to Roll Night Time, 9ml, Organic      VEGAN   
2729  Remedies to Roll Relaxation, 9ml, Organic      VEGAN   
2728  Remedies to Roll Study, 9ml, Organic       VEGAN   
2727  Remedies to Roll Travel, 9ml, Organic       VEGAN   
5220  Tibetan Incense         VEGAN   

Home Fragrance 
7482  Balancing Reed Diffuser Refill, 100ml *       VEGAN   
7421  Calming Aromatherapy Candle, 200g *       N   
7483  Calming Reed Diffuser Refill, 100ml *       VEGAN   
7441  Calming Room Fragrance, 100ml *       VEGAN   
7422  Energising Aromatherapy Candle, 200g *      N   
7484  Energising Reed Diffuser Refill, 200ml *       VEGAN   
7442  Energising Room Fragrance, 100ml *       VEGAN   
5004  Organic Aromatherapy Candle Balancing, 200g      N   
5005  Organic Aromatherapy Candle Calming, 200g      N   
5003  Organic Aromatherapy Candle Uplifting, 200g      N   
5002  Organic Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser Balance, 100ml     VEGAN   
5001  Organic Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser Calming, 100ml     VEGAN   
8501  Organic Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser Refill Balance, 100ml    VEGAN   
8502  Organic Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser Refill Calming, 100ml    VEGAN   
5000  Organic Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser Uplifting, 100ml     VEGAN   
5007  Organic Aromatherapy Room Spray Balancing, 100ml     VEGAN   
5008  Organic Aromatherapy Room Spray Calming, 100ml     VEGAN   
5006  Organic Aromatherapy Room Spray Uplifting, 100ml     VEGAN   
7401  Burner, Stoneware         VEGAN   
7429  Burner, Tall White China        VEGAN   
7419  Replacement Reeds (x8)        VEGAN   

Herbal Creams 
8270  Arnica Cream, 30ml, Organic        N   
8271  Calendula Cream, 30ml, Organic       N   
8273  Hypericum & Calendula Cream, 30ml, Organic      N   
8277  Lavender & Aloe Cooling Cream, 30ml, Organic      N   
8276  Stellaria Cream, 30ml, Organic        N   

Flower Essence Blends 
4329  Confidence & Power FE Blend, 15ml       VEGAN   
4328  Courage FE Blend, 15ml        VEGAN   
4332  Direction FE Blend, 15ml        VEGAN   
4327  Focus FE Blend, 15ml         VEGAN   
4326  Letting Go FE Blend, 15ml        VEGAN   
4330  Optimism FE Blend, 15ml        VEGAN   
4333  Revitalise FE Blend, 50ml        VEGAN   
4331  SOS FE Blend, 15ml         VEGAN   
4334  Unwind FE Blend, 15ml         VEGAN   

Herbal Remedies 
5212  Lavender & Myrrh Mouthwash, 100ml       N   
5213  Lemon & Mint Mouth Freshener, 8ml       VEGAN   
5225  Ear Candles (6) *         N   
8288  Elderberry Syrup         VEGAN   
8287  Eucalyptus Pastilles, 45g        N   
5206  Floradix, 250ml          N   
5207  Floradix, 500ml          N   
8289  Honey & Thyme Syrup, 150ml        N   
8296  Inhalation Oil, 15ml, Organic        VEGAN   
8264  Mullein Macerated Oil, 30ml, Organic       VEGAN   

Herbal Salves 
8250  Arnica Salve, 45g, Organic        N   
8253  Eucalyptus Salve 45g, Organic        N   
8252  Warming Salve, 45g, Organic        N   

5402  SuperFood Organic Greens Complex, 100g      VEGAN   
3386  Ashwaganda Powder, 50g        VEGAN   
3387  Astralagus Powder, 50g         VEGAN   
3383  Baobab Powder, 50g         VEGAN   
3385  Bee Pollen, 50g          N   
3384  Chia Seed, 50g          VEGAN   
5403  Coconut Oil Virgin, 300g, Organic       VEGAN   
3380  Goji Berries, 50g         VEGAN   
3389  Green Tea Leaf, 50g         VEGAN   
3391  Hemp Powder, 50g         VEGAN   
3382  Maca Powder, 50g         VEGAN   
3381  Mulberries, 50g         VEGAN   
3390  Olive Leaf, 50g          VEGAN   
3388  Rhodiola Powder, 50g         VEGAN   
3328  Spirulina, 50g          VEGAN   

8333  Beautiful Skin Tea, 75g         VEGAN   
8346  Organic After Dinner Tea, 18 sachets       VEGAN   
8351  Organic Calming Tea, 18 sachets       VEGAN   
8349  Organic Echinacea Plus Tea, 18 sachets       VEGAN   
8352  Organic Inner Strength Tea, 18 sachets       VEGAN   
8348  Organic Night Time Tea, 18 sachets       VEGAN   
8354  Organic Refreshing Tea, 18 sachets       VEGAN   
8350  Organic Summer Tea, 18 sachets       VEGAN   
8353  Organic Vitality Tea, 18 sachets        VEGAN   

Tinctures Single 
8200  Bilberry Tincture, 50ml, Organic       VEGAN   
8203  Damiana Tincture, 50ml        VEGAN   
8204  Dandelion Tincture, 50ml, Organic        VEGAN   
8207  Ginkgo Tincture, 50ml         VEGAN   
8209  Lemon Balm Tincture, 50ml, Organic       VEGAN   
8210  Marigold Tincture, 50ml, Organic       VEGAN   
8212  Nettle Tincture, 50ml, Organic        VEGAN   
8214  Sage Tincture, 50ml, Organic        VEGAN   
8220  Saw Palmetto Tincture, 50ml, Organic       VEGAN   
5231  Valerian Tincture, 100ml        VEGAN   
8219  Yarrow Tincture, 50ml, Organic        VEGAN   

Tincture Blends 
5238  Stress & Sleep Herbal Relief, 100ml       VEGAN   
8234  Damiana & Wolfberry Formula, 100ml, Organic      VEGAN   
8230  Dandelion & Burdock Formula, 100ml, Organic      VEGAN   
8240  Mahonia Clear Skin Formula, 100ml, Organic      VEGAN   

Supplements UK 
4792  Beauty Boost, 60 caps         VEGAN   
4793  Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Boost, 60 caps       N   
4717  Power Berry Complex, 60 caps        VEGAN   
4718  Pre and Post Pregnancy Complex, 60 caps TO BE REPLACED BY 5415   N   
4794  Super Antioxidant Boost, 60 caps       N   
4795  Vitamin C Boost, 60 caps        VEGAN   
5411  SuperNutrient Cognitive Supplement       VEGAN   
5412  SuperFood Joint Supplement *NEW       VEGAN   
5414  SuperFood Men's Health Supplement *NEW      N   
5415  SuperNutrient Pregnancy Supplement *NEW LAUNCH DATE TBC*   N   
5410  SuperNutrient Vitamin B Supplement       VEGAN   
5413  SuperNutrient Vitamin D3 1000IU Supplement      VEGAN   

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